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Welcome to Greencarrier Consolidators! We are happy to be your neutral consolidation provider, connecting you to the world through efficient logistics.

A close-up view of two blue shipping containers stacked on top of each other against a bright sky with white clouds. The containers are marked with white identification codes, "097" on the upper container and "081" on the lower one, emphasizing their organized and systematic nature. The image captures the scale and efficiency of containerized cargo, set against a backdrop of a clear, open sky, symbolizing the vastness and potential of global trade.


Professional LCL services and much more

Do you need to ship small volumes of goods? We offer an optimal solution. With our LCL services, you share a container with others and only pay for the space you use. As a complete consolidator with a global network of partners, we can also assist you with FCL, cross trade, and a range of other services and tools for efficient and smooth logistics.


Optimizing space utilization for lower emissions

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Our main focus is always to optimize the utilization of available container space, leading to fewer empty miles, lower emissions, and less environmental impact.

About us

A global logistics company with LCL in focus

With global expertise in LCL services and multimodal transport by land, sea, and air, we offer efficient goods transportation from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Singapore to destinations all over the world.

A large cargo ship, fully loaded with multicolored shipping containers, sails through calm, deep blue waters under a clear sky. The ship's bow is cutting through the water, creating white waves on either side. The vessel's deck is stacked high with containers, indicating a robust load. The image captures the scale and efficiency of maritime shipping, set against a backdrop of serene ocean and sky.

Greencarrier group

Part of the Greencarrier Group

Greencarrier Consolidators is part of the Greencarrier Group, a privately-owned sea freight and logistics company founded in Sweden in 2000. Today, the group encompasses seven entities, with 270 employees and operations in 13 countries.

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