Report a claim

Report a claim

If you have suffered a loss or damage to your goods, Greencarrier Consolidators apologize for this inconvenience and truly regret your loss.

To get the fastest possible settlement, we advise you to immediately report the claim to your cargo underwriter, the insurer that covers the consignment under separate cargo insurance. If such insurance does not exist, please inform us.

However, our liability is limited and we will be handling your claim in accordance with the Freight Forwarding General Conditions such as NSAB 2015, NSAB 2000, BIFA, respectively the laws and conventions that may be applicable to the actual mode of transport.


For a specified claim, please use our claim form. To further investigate, we need you to provide us with the following:

  1. Invoice showing terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2020 and price for claimed units.
  2. Waybill with claim notification/remark signed by the driver.
  3. Any other documentation showing the nature and magnitude of the claim and that it is transport-related.
  4. Photographs and any other documentation.
  5. Preferably a signed statement from an independent surveyor.

Send your claim form to your Greencarrier Consolidators contact. Please, remember to provide your reference number in the subject of the email.