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Experts in LCL solutions

Greencarrier Consolidators offers global transport and logistics solutions. We mainly focus on LCL services and offer multimodal transport solutions by land, sea, and air. We operate in eight countries with offices located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Singapore.

Greencarrier group

Part of the Greencarrier Group

Greencarrier Consolidators is part of the Greencarrier Group, a privately owned sea freight and logistics company. The group started its logistics ventures in Sweden in 2000. Today it encompasses seven entities, with 270 employees and operations in 13 countries.

Beyond providing world-class logistics services Greencarrier also has an overarching and more long-term goal. Our vision is to create a sustainable tomorrow. We constantly consider the long-term perspective and work continuously for a more sustainable future; a future that we create by taking action here and now. By 2027, we will be one of the most sustainable logistics options on the market.


Optimized space for lower emissions

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to continually optimize container space utilization to reduce empty miles, lower emissions, and minimise our environmental impact. We focus on achieving a minimum of 50 CBM per FEU, ensuring we utilise at least 80 percent of total container space. Through innovative solutions and adherence to environmental standards, we strive to lead the logistics industry towards a more sustainable future.

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Be a part of creating a sustainable tomorrow

Join our team and be part of a global logistics company that values innovation, sustainability, and professional growth. Explore career opportunities with us and contribute to shaping the future of logistics.

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