Greencarrier Consolidators extend its network with J Consol and continues to offer direct services to Korea

By partnering with J Consol, we extend our well-established partnership with Charter Link in China and Hong Kong.  J Consol will contribute to improved connections and services between the Nordic and Korean markets.

Since J Consol’s establishment in 2013, the company has evolved into a thriving enterprise, with an operational presence in both Seoul and Busan, including a dedicated team of 69 professionals. We are excited about our collaboration, and we are looking forward to benefiting from their expertise and insights into the Korean market.

For inquiries, please contact your local office in the Nordics:

For contact with J Consol, please use following details:

Direct Phone: +82 70 7457 8230

We are pleased to offer our weekly direct sailings to Busan.

See the next available sailings below and embark on a journey of collaboration.

Sailings from Denmark:

VesselClosingETD AarhusETA Busan
METTE MAERSK / 342E13/1019/1006/12
MAASTRICHT MAERSK / 343E20/1026/1013/12
MILAN MAERSK / 344E27/1003/1120/12
MADRID MAERSK / 345E02/1110/1127/12

Salings from Sweden:

VesselClosingETD GothenburgETA Busan
ONE TRUST11/1014/1023/11
ONE TRADITION18/1021/1007/12
AL NEFUD25/1028/1015/12
AL MURAYKH01/1103/1122/12
ONE TRIUMPH08/1110/1129/10

Sailings from Norway:

VesselClosingETD Oslo ETA Busan
ONE TRADITION10/1012/1007/12
AL NEFUD17/1019/1015/12
AL MURAYKH24/1026/1022/12
ONE TRIUMPH31/1002/1129/10

Sailings from Finland:

VesselClosingETD HelsinkiETA Busan
METTE MAERSK / 342E12/1019/1019/1006/12
MAASTRICHT MAERSK / 343E19/1026/1026/1013/12
MILAN MAERSK / 344E26/1003/1103/1120/12
MADRID MAERSK / 345E02/1110/1110/1127/12

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