We are opening a new office in Gdansk

We are opening a new office in Gdansk

We are happy to announce the opening of a new office in Gdansk. This strategic expansion into Poland enables us to further enhance our business operations and provide an even wider range of services to our customers.

Connecting China, the Far East, and the Americas

From our new Gdansk office, we will provide direct services to and from various regions. This includes serving Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea along with Sub Indian continent like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We will also offer direct services to North America, encompassing the USA and Mexico. Additionally, our office will connect Poland with South America, serving countries like Brazil, Peru and Chile.

To grow and develop the new business and services, Robert Klukowski has been appointed the Country Manager for Greencarrier Consolidators Poland. In addition, we have hired a team of ocean freight specialists for import and export and sales executives. Our new Gdansk office will be up and running in November.

Poland – an important logistics market

Poland plays an important role in the trade landscape of Europe. It ranks among the top 10 European economies and boasts substantial growth potential, particularly in transport and logistics. One key focal point is the Gdansk Port, which is the largest terminal in the Baltic Sea and serves as a hub for other Baltic ports.

– Expanding our presence through a new office in Gdansk is essential as Poland is a strategic entry point to Eastern Europe. It provides improved access to the Baltic countries, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The Gdansk and Gdynia ports both serve as gateways for Polish cargo and shipments destined for Southern Europe, says Robert Klucowski, Country Manager for Greencarrier Consolidators Poland.

Shorter transit times and improved cost efficiency

Poland has numerous direct connections from the Far East and the Americas, translating into shorter transit times and greater transport cost efficiency for customers. The future also holds promise for rail transport in Poland, with the Malaszewicze terminal ideally located to connect Western Europe with Eastern Europe and Asia.

Poland also benefits from strong connections to the Hamburg gateway, facilitating cargo shipments directly from Poland and through Hamburg, where they can be consolidated with other shipments destined for various locations.

– Having Gdansk as an end port for the main trades between the Americas and China is strategically significant. It is crucial for Greencarrier Consolidators to establish a presence in Poland to secure the eastern part of Europe and support less-than-truckload (LTL) connections, especially considering our gateway in Germany, says Robert Klukowski.

Office address
Greencarrier Consolidators Gdansk
Olivia Business Center / Olivia Star
Grunwaldzka 472S 80-309
Gdansk / Poland


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