Greencarrier Consolidators launches new website and customer portal

Greencarrier Consolidators announces the launch of its new website and customer portal, designed to enhance user experience and streamline our customers’ shipments.

New website for improved user experience

The new website, which is now live, offers a modern, user-friendly interface that provides information about our services, company news, and online tools. The updated design is in line with the new visual identity for our Greencarrier brand and ensures easy navigation, enabling users to quickly find the information they need.

Introducing the Customer Portal

The highlight of the new website is the new customer portal, a tool designed to simplify logistics management for our customers. The portal offers a range of features to enhance efficiency and accessibility, including:

  • Online Bookings: Customers can now make bookings directly through the portal, streamlining the process and reducing the time required to arrange shipments.

  • Sailing Schedules: The portal provides up-to-date sailing schedules, allowing customers to plan their shipments more precisely. Users can search for specific routes and destinations, ensuring they have the most accurate information at hand.

  • Track your shipments: Customers can track their shipments in real-time, providing visibility and peace of mind. The tracking feature offers detailed information on the status and location of goods, ensuring transparency and timely updates.

  • Retrieve quotes: Request and get a spot quote.

  • Import Container Status: The portal features an integrated function for monitoring the status of import shipments where customers can search and find their shipment in no time.

“Greencarrier Consolidators is committed to keep leveraging our digital tools to develop our services and provide our customers with the best possible experience. The new website and customer portal represent a step forward in our digital journey. We believe the portal will not only improve efficiency but also empower our customers by giving them greater control and visibility over their shipments.”

Kenneth Reese, CEO of Greencarrier Consolidators.

Go directly to the portal or contact us for more information.

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